Want to help out? 

We are always looking for volunteers and helpers!  From theater to art, camps to classes; we are always on the lookout for that extra hand.  So you may be asking, How can I do such a thing??  Well it’s EASY!  Just shoot us a message and get you in HERE!!!  All we ask is all of our volunteers have their clearances.  If you already have them, AWESOME!  Just bring us in or email us a copy.  “But wait Mr. Webpageman Sir, I don’t have my clearances :-(“.  Well good news!  Just click the link below and  fill out the 3 FREE online forms. Here’s what you will need.  Thank you and we hope to hear from YOU soon!

Owner:          Julie Ufema
Organization:   Evolution Arts Center
Address:        121 Valley Street
                Lewistown, PA 17044
Phone:          (717)447-2858




121 Valley Street 
Lewistown, PA 17044

(717) 447-2858


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