Our Crew

Meet Our Team!

Julie O’Connor (Lead Dreamer):

Was a member of the Board of Directors for Stone Arch Theatre and Director of their Children’s Theatre Camp for three years. She is a painter, writer, actress, filmmaker and professional photographer who owns BitterSweet Studios. Her endless energy and enthusiasm for the arts will forever keep the lights on and roof over our heads. That is a promise.




Jett Ufema

Jett is the son of Julie O’Connor and an exceptionally creative twelve year old. Although he prefers being ‘behind the scenes’ he has starred in several of his own short films. His first stop motion film premiered in Australia at age seven. He is an avid comic book illustrator, writer and ‘doodler’. He loves hanging out and helping in the tech booth during theatre performances and recently helped create the short play ‘Time Train’.


Dane Ufema

Dane is the son of Julie O’Connor and at 10 years old is the creator of several children’s plays including ‘The Luckiest Leprechauns’, ‘Scare em’ all 101’, and ‘Time Train’. He was the focus of a documentary ‘The Truth about Dane’ which premiered at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and has had several roles in his mother’s short films, his brother Jett’s short films and also on stage in his local theatre group. Dane may not be able to walk but he has never let that ‘stand’ in his way.


Phyllis Johnson:

Phyllis was the President of Stone Arch Players for 3 years, and the Vice President for over 15 years. She has been an active member of the group for 38 years. Stone Arch Players is a non-profit organization, serving the community for 50 years. Her experience in business for nearly 38 years and as a board member of a nonprofit for over 20 years will be beneficial to Evolution Arts Center both as a member of its board and as an active member of the group.



Jamon Heikes:

Jamon came to us as a volunteer on day one and hasn’t left since. He is an integral part of the Arts Center having had a hand in building everything from the stage, to the tech booth to the theatre seating and everything in between. Although he claims to be a ‘behind the scenes’ kind of guy, I suspect we’ll be seeing him on stage very soon.

Chris Whiteford:

Chris is a theatre veteran having participated in decades of productions with Stone Arch Theatre and State College Community Theatre. He has been behind the scenes in every way and has also had the opportunity to grace the stage. He brings a multitude of talent to the group and has also been in the center every day since he first arrived at our doors.


Bryan Queitzsch:

Bryan has been active in the local community theater since the summer of 2015 when he attended their teen summer camp. Since then he has participated in almost every production of the theater. He’s had hands-on training in theater lighting and sound, assisted with props and set construction, and acted in several productions. He also helped teach the Kids Theater Camp in 2016. He has taken courses in screenwriting, film editing and video photography, and plans to go to college for film editing.



Hunter “Radar” McVey

Hunter cut his theatre teeth behind the scenes at the Playhouse at McConnellstown. There he learned every aspect of producing a show from lighting, to set building, to stage management… Through a series of very fortunate events he became an integral part of building Evo from the floor up and has now graced the Evo stage in a lead role of a full-length production. We are honored to have him as a part of our team.